Fluorite pipes... safe or not?

Fluorite pipes... safe or not?

You may or may not have seen Fluorite pipes around on the internet. It's no surprise that as the crystal healing market grows, so do the innovations of all kinds of new products trying to incorporate "healing" stones. 

Fluorite pipes are one of the dangerous, toxic innovations. Fluorite is one of the deadliest minerals mankind has ever mined and is composed of Calcium Fluoride.

Here's the scary part - Fluorite contains the mineral Fluorine, which is toxic and poisonous to humans if the dust is inhaled or if the Fluorite is heated. Guess what happens to Fluorite when you use it as a pipe? That's right, it's heated up. Fluorine is then absorbed into the lungs and can wreak havoc in the body. 

Once Fluorine is in the body, it causes skeletal fluorosis which is a disease that weakens and damages bones and joints. It is a very painful disease.

I don't smoke but thought I would post some helpful information for those unaware of the dangers of Fluorite.

Unfortunately, most businesses out there do not research items before selling them blindly to people. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to research these kinds of things to make sure you're not hurting yourself.

Hope you guys enjoyed this short but informative blog post! Stay safe out there in the ever-changing crystal world!


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