Smokey Quartz Healing Crystal Water Bottle

Smokey Quartz Healing Crystal Water Bottle

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Infusing water with gemstone energy is just another way of enjoying the healing properties of your favourite crystals. What are the benefits to healing crystal water? Gem or crystal water is known to be associated with a variety of positive health and wellness benefits. Some of these benefits includes better concentration/alertness, softer skin, increased energy and better mood. Crystal specific benefits are listed below:

♡ Smokey Quartz is known as a very protective and strong healing stone. It is grounding, stabilizing, and helps one let go of old wounds 

Bottle Information:

- bottles hold 550ml of water
- 255mm in height x 66mm in width
- made from glass and stainless steel.
- crystals are detachable from the screw in bottom for easy cleaning!
- you will receive a bottle with a crystal similar to that pictured. All crystals will slightly differ in colour, size and shape due to natural properties

Note: *Promo codes and coupons not eligible on these water bottles*

Glass piece is dishwasher safe but all other components must be handwashed.



1. After washing, please make sure crystal is securely twisted into base component before twisting bottom onto the bottle.

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3. Only use the bottle for water. Do not infuse the water with anything else.