Mystical Practical Guide to Magic - Instructions for Seekers, Witches & Other Spiritual Misfits

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Author: Einhorn, Aliza

Spiritual paths are as unique as the people who walk them. This book serves as a roadmap suggesting dozens of exercises and practices you can use to chart your own unique magical journey. You will find fun and accessible introductions to tarot, astrology, spirit communication, and magic, with plenty of hands-on tips that are perfect for finding spiritual practices that work for you - and how to put it all together.

The benefits of spirituality are many - it grounds you in times of distress, helps you find and accept the person you truly are, and connects you with energies that are bigger than yourself. Providing simple exercises for reading tarot spreads, communicating with spirit guides, understanding your astrological chart, casting spells for love, and much more, this book is all about creating the life you want and living each day with purpose and soul. Learning the simple steps of meditation, setting up an altar, and working with magical tools, you will be prepared to become the person you are destined to be.